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Sand pumping along Adelaide's coast

Sand pumping uses pumping stations and underground pipelines to transfer a slurry of sand and seawater from beaches where sand is building up, to beaches where sand is eroding.

Two sections of Adelaide’s coast have sand pumping infrastructure – Glenelg to Kingston Park and the Torrens Outlet to the West Beach dunes.

As part of the state government’s additional $48.4 million investment in our beaches and coast, a sand recycling pipeline will be built from Semaphore to connect to the existing infrastructure at Torrens Outlet. The pipeline will provide a long term solution to keeping sand on our most exposed and vulnerable beaches.

The exact location of the pipeline and how it will be built will be determined in the planning and design period starting in 2019-20. Construction is expected to commence in 2021/22 and expected completion in 2022/23. Find out more.

Register your interest to learn more at a community bus tour and see the Glenelg to Kingston Park pipeline in action.Tours will run between June and October 2020.

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