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Our group objectives:

  • Reduce the extent of weed invasion and clean up rubbish;

  • Reduce erosion by controlling sand drift, storm damage and pedestrian access

  • Revegetate for biodiversity and erosion control.

  • Inform and educate locals and visitors about dune and beach preservation, management and health.


Boundary covered:

For the purposes of managing the area between Henley Square and the Torrens Outlet we divided the dune reserve into three vegetation management zones, based on the vegetation communities present, the areas these occupy in the dunes and environmental conditions. 


These zones are:

Area 1: Henley Square to Henley Beach Road

Area 2: Henley Beach Road to 95 Esplanade, Henley Beach South

Area 3: 97 Esplanade, Henley Beach South to Torrens Outlet

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